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“This nation under God shall experience a


Apostolic Thoughts 

I recently was challenged by the Lord to go on a Journey with Him. A non typical Journey to move into something so deep if I accepted the challenge, If I must draw back for a season to emerge with something of greater presence then so be it. As I accepted this call, I detailed the unfolding of it in the message called the “The Journey Begins”. All day as God dealt with me, confirmations came by phone calls or emails moments after I made decisions. I had the first encounter in the journey as a spiritual burning came upon me last Sat. night and the fire of God consumed the center of my body for almost 2 hours. A angelic hand touched mine and a voice said “Come lets go see some mysteries now”. I see that as I am going into a new place that my life is beginning to carry a conviction from my words because of the shift in my heart. This is a short collection of some things I have taught recently. My prayer is to encourage leaders with these condensed thoughts and my second prayer is that conviction spring forth from the pages of these words.

Holiness Unto the Lord

Hebrews 12:14 (KJV 1900) — 14 Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord:

We all desire to see a move of God. What we actually are saying is we want “To see God” Himself. The emerging generation has within their heart a relentless pursuit to experience the things the older generation has already experienced. But for some reason, no matter the amount of fasting and prayer going up we still are not having breakthrough. I want to take a few minutes and give a condensed version of a message I just spoke at the BASE meeting. If you want the full version, then go to the website and download and listen to it.

In the Old Testament, we were to take on the name of God. In the New, we were to take on the nature of God. In the Old, there was a consecration process that was followed. In the New Testament, there was a sanctification process. The missing ingredient today is we are only doing consecration and very little sanctification. Consecration is what we decide to do or manage concerning our lives. It is decisions we make and ways we live. It is the first part of a Nazarite vow “to abstain from that which is evil”. Sanctification is the process God is allowed to do in our lives. Unlike consecration being mainly outward, sanctification is mainly inward. It is the deep searching of God, deep dealings of God and the correction or chastisement of God. Chastening means to teach and correct, to mold the character of a person. The correction they received from the natural fathers or leaders produced consecration. This chastisement from the Lord produced sanctification. Read the whole chapter of Heb. 12. The word ‘Holiness’ actually means among other things “sanctification because of consecration.” In other words, holiness is the outcome of two things-  consecration and sanctification.

Today we have many next generation structures who are only dealing with consecration or living a consecrated life. But we are still at the first part of a Nazarite vow. The second part is the key, “to also abstain from that which is good as well as things that might distract.” In the effort to gain followers, we have said it is alright to do those things. Hence we are seeing the effects of God’s spirit (consecration) but not God Himself (Sanctification or holiness). Even Jesus told the parable of a man who bought land, another got married, and another man purchased oxen. All good things, noble things, and needed things, but all asked to be excused. Jesus did not run after them to convince them but turned and sought a new batch of those who would not just be consecrated but sanctified, the marriage of the Lamb, a holy encounter of intimacy. 

Holiness is what caused Jesus to be resurrected. The Holiness upon Jesus kept Him from being corrupted by death. It is what allowed Jesus access into the throne room to both see and hear the Father. Without repeating the entire message here, it was what made commitment (which is lacking in the ecclesia) dedication, a loss of reputation, boldness, confidence, and vessels carrying both messages from heaven and virtue from the nature of God.

Exodus 28:36 (KJV 1900) — 36 And thou shalt make a plate of pure gold, and grave upon it, like the engravings of a signet, HOLINESS TO THE LORD.

We are to be called holiness to the Lord. Consecration is for us but holiness is for Him! We are not seeing the move of God because we are only consecrated and not truly sanctified. But God is working with vessels willing to go on the journey. Many are being dealt with in this hour of true holiness. This state of being must first come before the message of holiness will flow out. Perhaps if we could see briefly what this will produce we might be more willing. Holiness not consecration will heal the breach of generations, heal the earth’s cry, heal the breach between cultures and social injustice, heal the breach in the Ecclesia and heal the breach in men’s hearts.

Spiritual Vs Holy
What is stopping this holiness is a misconception we have concerning what is truly the focus of God’s heart. We have misinterpreted this to strive to be spiritual. We do all kinds of spiritual acrobatics and flexing of spiritual exercises. But there is a big difference between being spiritual and being holy. Spirituality can refer to an ultimate or an alleged immaterial reality. It is a source of inspiration or orientation or even the search for the absolute of God. There are many things that are spiritual, occultism, rituals, witchcraft etc. Spirituality can even be participating in an anointing that comes upon you. But holiness is participating with the Spirit living inside you. Spirituality is an outward expression while Holiness is an inward working. You can give me a spiritual reason for your actions, saying all the right words of why you made certain decisions or missed a meeting because of a so called assignment which really was nothing more than your own flesh deciding something and then justifying it by being spiritual. But can we give answers that are holy? Can people give a holy answer of why they are leaving a ministry or justifying their actions or lack of commitment or unwillingness to do what is being asked of them? A holy answer will allow all to participate. A spiritual answer only allows a few. Spiritual actions have little to no conviction, thus little to no change. Spiritual actions will wear us out and cause us to become disheartened because of the lack of results produced. But true holiness will convict people to the core. It may not be popular but will have measurable results and change. We have became so dull to the Holy Spirit’s conviction because of our spiritual acts we believe we are equal to instead of realizing we actually have hardened our heart. If you can weep for souls and your heart is still soft towards God’s conviction. If you respond not caring what others think, then you are on the path to sanctification and holiness.

Seducing Spirits
The spiritual battle is on to keep us in the constant place of consecration and not sanctification. The enemy knows if we stay busy making decisions and working in our own strength, then he has control of us the Church and thus holds the world. If we will move past the place of consecration and truly be sanctified, then we will no longer fight so many things as they will be settled issues and the Spirit of Holiness would flow from us. The battle is about souls, destiny, identity, etc. but actually the battle is against God’s Holiness. The separation that holiness brings in a person’s life settles the issue that demonic forces cannot touch that person any longer. There are three tests we must all pass in this hour connected with seducing spirits. The same three tests Jesus had to pass in Luke 4 and that Paul spelled out for us in 1 John 2:16. They are the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life. I feel we have done or are doing fairly well with the first two which are consecration but the pride of life is truly sanctification. Spiritual pride is a huge issue in this hour. Many think they know and are no longer in need of a teacher, yet their lives are producing little to no fruit. Many think there is no need for others. They do spiritual acts but not acts of holiness which convicts to the point of change.  Many are content with how they are living. Many are making decisions to place other things before God and that spiritual pride is keeping us from truly seeing God! It is saying I am not in need of anything and is a rejection of God and His holiness. It is now becoming more easy for me to see the “spiritual” person as I am looking for the holiness of God. Before I was looking for the spiritual no realizing just how shallow it really is.

We are either being led by God’s Spirit or allowing seducing spirits to have a role in our lives. Leaders, many of our people are being influenced by seducing spirits. They are working through the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life.  It is truly what Paul said in 1 Tim 4:1.

 1 Timothy 4:1–3 (KJV 1900) — 1 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; 2 Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; 3 Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.

This verse in Greek reads something like this: in the fulfillment or conclusion of the Kairos or a divine moment of God, some shall withdraw themselves, keep away from, stand off from, the place where the conviction of truth is being expressed, and will bring near to their minds, be addicted to, and attend their selfishness, by misleading, wandering, leading into error spirits, who instruct as messengers of satan with condemnation giving them statements they make as their own as they become imposters impersonating others. 

This is the ultimate goal of all demonic spirits; it is their plan that connects all activity together they all are working towards as a unified force. It is not saying there is a singular spirit of seduction but that all demonic spirits seduce. I find it amazing the first level of this seduction is the withdrawing of the person from the place that truth and conviction of truth exists. How strategic!  As a leader, I have seen this occur repeatedly and it is still occurring as people’s commitment to be in a gathering is lacking. I can only conclude one thing, that a spirit is convincing them of something. The second occurrence is to get them focused on themselves. The word to “Heed” actually is associated with selfish desires, self centeredness, which equates to spiritual pride. There is a convincing in the mind that justifies. After all, the source of conviction has been removed. The third attack them comes as false doctrine is infused. The outcome is actually a hypocritical display, the mimicking of others statements and words and they become false.

For us, as leaders, to be aware of how this demonic activity occurs is one thing. The second is how we stop it. I have one answer and only one answer, that as leaders we must have a greater degree of holiness upon us. Only consecrating people or leading them into consecration will not hold them. It must be a heart searching from God. Holiness will have deep conviction but release deep waves of grace as well. Good messages will cause people to desire things but also become frustrated when things do not move or materialize. Holiness will always create things deep in people and then virtue will flow out of them. The life of God will be seen, felt and experienced. Remember Holiness will not allow corruption to touch it. We must challenge our people to move from consecration to true holiness so they may be kept from the evil one.

Prophetic Insights


 I feel the Lord said you and some of your team (The BASE) will be traveling and ministering. I feel it is soon. I also seen a vision of a coal from the altar falling to Iowa, Des Moines and the Holiness a fire being spread from there.


November will tell the times to come for Nebraska, Oh Nebraska I see you being established, I see you beginning to birth.  Let not fear come into your heart Nebraska for I see you and I shall continue to establish your good works before me says the Lord.  Oh Nebraska my hand is not shortened I see those who wish to break you down for there own purposes for I will not allow it says the Lord.  I call your name Nebraska to rise up higher in me to help your nation to fulfill the purposes and plans that I have set for you, the course has been set, even as those try to derail my plans, make laws and abuse my people.  I sit in the heavens and laugh at my enemies.  My hand is upon you, to make a move in the senate.  

My hand is upon you to shine and be seen before foreign powers that try to annihilate.  But you Nebraska will not and shall not be touched, oh from see to shining see I have placed you in the middle and the borders of your state shall be expanded, not outward but upward into the heavens for a building and a prospering time is coming for you.  The times of destruction for many for the economy will be seen; however as you escape the hit by the skin of your teeth, my people who are called by my name shall rise, they shall seek my face and I will hear them and answer their prayers and protect them from calamity.  There will be a shaking and there will be those things that are looked upon as disasters but they will not stand and they will not bring the end, for you shall rise from the ashes stronger than ever before for my plans for you have not changed only strengthened and more realized by those who I call and entrust to carry them out.  So be it says the Lord.  Strengthen Nebraska is My word that I send from my throne says the Lord God Almighty. 

Adam Larson, Omaha, Ministering Spirits Ministries 


The Spirit of the Lord would say, Come a little higher and come a little lower, My full season is upon you.  I will bring a winter but it will bring a spring.  don't think this to be along season, but yet a season.  These things must be for the completion of the work called Melchizedek order.  I am bringing in fullness, what you have been desiring.  It is just around the corner so tarry a little longer for what I am about to do.  I bring life to its fullest.  I will fulfill desires that have remained unfulfilled.

 Prophet Steven Walz


Special Announcements

Live Webstream is now up on all gatherings, Check the calendar for times.

darrell_evans.jpg Special Guest Darrel Evans, Worship Leader

In a joint effort with Glory Dei Lutheran Church and The BASE, we will be hosting Darrel Evans for a night of intimate worship. Darrel is a well known worship leader and has recorded dozens of well known worship songs being sung in the church weekly.  We count it a privilege to be able to host this event. It will be Wed. Oct 12th at 7:00. If you plan on coming, be sure to get on the BASE Facebook page and join our group and add your name to the event. Seating will be limited.


jeanneallen.jpg Special Guest Jeanne Allen, Prophet

Jeanne Allen, from Virginia Beach, VA, will minister here on Sat. night, October 15th at 7:00 PM. She will also teach the Wednesday night class, October 19th, on Prophetic gifting and function. Jeanne Allen’s ministry giftings are well established as a prophet and teacher. Intercessory prayer undergirds these areas, so she has also been used to strengthen many in their prayer lives. Jeanne travels extensively and is available to congregations for workshops, seminars, retreats and conferences.



Wed Oct 5th --- School of Ministry  we will conclude the teaching on Demonic Activity


 Sat Oct 15th ------ Jeanne Allen will be with us

 Sun Oct 16th  ---- Jeanne Allen will be ministering in Fairfield, Iowa at Jubilee Kingdom Gathering

 Wed Oct 19th ---- Jeanne Allen will be conducting a Prophetic Workshop

 Sun Oct 23rd --- Oct 27th APG A& PJ will be in Texas for Conf. With Jim Hodges and the FMCI family

 Nov 5th --- Next Awakening Fires